Migrating from LiveJournal

With the fiasco with Comcast Business, I have moved all of my websites to a virtual hosting environment. At the same time I decided to consolidate my blog into my website, migrating it from LiveJournal to WordPress 2.0.4 with comments intact.

When I Googled the web for instructions for importing with comments, I found a lot of hacks and tricks but no real solutions. After piecing it all together, I decided to post my own step-by-step guide in hopes that someone will find it useful.

  1. I assume you have some sort of WordPress blog of version 2.0.4 installed somewhere, and that the basic installation works flawlessly. There are lots of instructions on the WordPress website.
  2. Because we’ll be using a special piece of software that has these requirements, you should be using a Windows computer with the latest version of Microsoft’s .NET Framework installed.
  3. Download and install LJ Archive. LiveJournal doesn’t directly support the exportation of comments, and forces you to download entries one month at a time. LJ Archive is a third-party tool that overcomes those limitations.
  4. Open the LJ Archive software, and enter your LiveJournal information to create a full backup of your journal. You can of course modify the options as you see fit. My journal is five years old, and the entire process took about five minutes.
  5. When the software has finished downloading your journal, go to the File menu, highlight Export, and choose XML. Choose a place to save this file. It should only take a minute to create it.
  6. WordPress 2.0.4 supports importing comments from LiveJournal, so you can simply log into your WordPress blog as an administrator, click on the “Import” tab, and choose LiveJournal. Specify the location of your XML backup file and go. It may take several minutes to import, especially if there are a lot of entries.

Not too complicated, right? I hope someone finds this useful, and if you do, please leave a shout in the comments area to let me know.


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