Why Leave LiveJournal?

I have been using LiveJournal since late 2001. Back in the day it was great. The invitation requirement kept out the teens and tweens hoo tipe lik dis… n00bs!, the developers and management were accessible and downright “good folks”, and LJ wasn’t owned by some very large media company (SixApart, Ltd.) trying to establish a monopoly on the blogging market. But like most large and growing companies, they chose to continue expanding their empire instead of adding more value for their existing customers.

LiveJournal hasn’t kept up with the latest and greatest in web technology, meaning there is no way to embed media files, advertising, or any other scripts. Their proprietary styling language has a steep learning curve, and making your journal look different than everyone elses takes a great deal of time.

Anyway, I’m happy to be using WordPress. It’s a great piece of software that offers so much more control.