TurboTax Online Free Edition – Temporarily Unavailable

So after dealing with a network content firewall, I return home to find the TurboTax website completely unavailable:

Screenshot from TurboTax website showing the site is unavailable
Screenshot from TurboTax website showing the site is unavailable

As of this writing (5:45 PM EST) the website is still down, and has been for at least three hours now. Some simple Google searches find other users seeing the same problems occurring over the past few weeks. I had planned to bang out my tax returns in an hour or so. Now it seems that I will have to wait until the site is once again available, or debate choosing a different tax preparation website.

The only thing keeping me from jumping ship this second is that my returns from last year are stored there, and that will save me a bit of time when the website becomes available again.

Update: As of 6:00 PM EST the website is back up and running. Hopefully they will be able to keep the site up while I file my returns.


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