TurboTax Online Free Edition – Temporarily Unavailable

So after dealing with a network content firewall, I return home to find the TurboTax website completely unavailable:

Screenshot from TurboTax website showing the site is unavailable
Screenshot from TurboTax website showing the site is unavailable

As of this writing (5:45 PM EST) the website is still down, and has been for at least three hours now. Some simple Google searches find other users seeing the same problems occurring over the past few weeks. I had planned to bang out my tax returns in an hour or so. Now it seems that I will have to wait until the site is once again available, or debate choosing a different tax preparation website.

The only thing keeping me from jumping ship this second is that my returns from last year are stored there, and that will save me a bit of time when the website becomes available again.

Update: As of 6:00 PM EST the website is back up and running. Hopefully they will be able to keep the site up while I file my returns.


Welcome to 2009

It has been a long time since I have updated this blog, and I am hoping to change that soon. The theme and layout are the process of a much-needed face lift, coming your way soon!

In the meantime, here are a few things that have kept me busy lately:

  • Studying for a Private Pilot’s License
  • Taking care of my head
  • Campaigning for a new President
  • Looking into Grad School
  • Working
  • Picking a new President
  • Attending the Inauguration

More on each of these items soon, I promise!


My Firefox Tabs

I love Firefox.

I’m a permanent Internet Explorer convert. Since I bought my MacBook Pro in July I have not used IE. I didn’t download and try out the IE7 beta, I simply wasn’t interested. Firefox meets my needs.

In that spirit, I’d like to dedicate this post to taking a tour of my currently open Firefox tabs. By the way, I typically have no fewer than 10 tabs open at a time, so get comfortable… this is going to be fun!

First, I always keep Gmail and my LiveJournal Friends Page open, so I can stay in touch. I’ve been working to develop my business relationship with Microsoft, and was reading about their Small Business Symposium. I have also been reading a NYT article about free stuff for your cell phone, and while I think most of it is pretty far fetched in terms of whether I would find it useful, I have been playing around with YouMail (coincidentally, the next tab that is open). If YouMail had a few more features, it would be an amazing alternative to using the default wireless carrier voicemail system.

Back on Sunday Nov 28, Erin and I waited in line at Best Buy starting at 4 AM to get the new Nintendo Wii. The store opened at 10 AM, and we walked away with our Wii around 10:30 AM. Boy was it worth it! We also met some cool people in line, one of whom recommended that we buy the new Zelda: Twilight Princess game. We bought it and started playing and loved it immensely, but got a little stuck. So after a few hours of being stuck we consulted a complete Zelda walk-through guide to get us unstuck. I kept the tab open just in case we got stuck again.

Oh, and can you imagine Bill Gates as our next president? You don’t make billions of dollars by being foolish with money or by being a bad manager! Of course, I wouldn’t be “fair and balanced” if I didn’t have a look at these awesome screen shots of the Mac OS that go all the way back to the beginning (that’s right, System 0.0 released 21 years ago). When I just refreshed that page to make sure it was still working, I got a “Bandwidth Exceeded” error, which means they should be looking at my web host, DreamHost, which offers transfers of something up in the 1-3 TB (terabytes) per month (which for about 99.9% of the websites out there, anything >1 TB per month = Unlimited). Oh, and I was reading today about how they are now offering their best hosting package for FREE to 501(c)(3) non-profits. That is definitely a sweet deal!

And that, folks, is all. Until next time!


To Hell and Back?

Erin called me on Monday from Trodheim, Norway as she nears the end of her cruise through the Fjords of Scandanavia.  Having never heard of Trodheim, I looked it up on MapQuest and discovered that in fact she was only about 8 miles (13 km) from Hell.